A Bitter Sting

July 25, 2021

A Bitter Sting

I had the pleasure of working on a piece for Universal Pictures and their promotion of M Night Shyamalan's new film OLD. The director tweeted out a request for readers to submit their worst vacation stories, of which he picked 5 winners. Five artists were then given these stories to illustrate. My thanks to the Poster Posse for facilitating this job. 

Here is the tweet I was given to illustrate. 

Replying to @MNightShyamalan @PosterPosse and @oldthemovie
I was visiting alaska, my friend and I hopped into a glacial stream trying to catch a fish with our hands, a lot harder than you’d think. I turn a corner, my buddy starts running away, the group panics as I start getting swarmed by wasps getting stung 29 times in my face and neck.

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